About Us


Cilantro is one of the tastiest and noble herbs that you can find at your fingertips, it is widely used in Latin American cuisine for its strong and penetrating flavor. Also known as Chinese parsley or Arabian parsley, their names multiple depending on the place. Although its origin is uncertain, it is believed that cilantro is native to southeastern Europe and northern Africa. We know that this herb has great influence in Latin American countries.

The Cilantro is an annual plant that reaches between 40 and 60 cm in height, with erect stems, leaves composed of white flowers and aromatic fruits. In general, seeds and leaves for their properties have been used for generations to flavor foods, preserve meats, provide vitamins, create perfume essences and more.

The name of Cilantro Mexican Restaurant was inspired by the green color that nature represents and the unique and rich flavor that this herb gives to the authentic Mexican food especially the tacos and the rich guacamole. Cilantro Mexican restaurant was founded by the Velasquez family in June 2018.